Rockwood Realty Testimonials

"Jon Rockwood helped us sell our first home, and we couldn't be happier.

He went above and beyond, and took care of everything issue that arose. He got us a higher listing price than we were thinking of, and we had a full price offer within 1 week. Jon was also kind enough to send us his enclosed company trailer to help move, and even dropped it off at our door. Overall Jon and Rockwood Realty did an amazing job!"

Jason & Brandee

The best thing about Jon Rockwood is not his intelligence--but he really knows his stuff!

The best thing about Jon is not his experience--but he has the right mix to be very good at what he does! The best thing about Jon is not his network--but he knows everyone you need for any kind of task. . . The best thing about Jon is that you can trust him. When lots of money, long term commitments, and huge decisions are on the table, you need good advice from someone you can trust to know what the right questions are, know what is in your best interest, and know how to make a deal work. Get Jon Rockwood. He is caring, enthusiastic, personable, and willing to go the extra mile. (He is not pushy, that is enthusiasm. All you do is let him know the limits of what you can do, or the direction you want to go, and he goes with that.) We highly recommend Jon Rockwood, but only if you want both amazing results and a pleasant experience.

Ken & Julia

Jon was wonderful to work with.

He is personable; was responsive to my questions; made quick connections with listing agents for viewing properties; through conversation helped me clarify for myself what I was really looking for (and helped me to stay realistic about my expectations); and throughout our interactions provided various insights on the home buying process. Jon, along with his wonderful office staff and the various contacts he's made over the years in key areas in Whatcom County's real estate world, helped make my first home purchase relatively easy. Many heartfelt thanks! ~Michelle

Michelle T.

As a person who has done many, many Real Estate deals over the last 35 years, seldom do I meet a Realtor who works so hard for his Clients as Max.

I am very impressed by his hard work and dedication to his Clients. I will definitely use him again in the future!

Trevor Jones, T. Jones Group

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