​Max Burrage, Realtor

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2084 Alder Street
Ferndale WA, 98248

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Get to know Max Burrage!

How long have you been in real estate? Since 2017

Why did you get into real estate? I began a career in real estate for several reasons. I have always had a desire to learn the ins and outs of real estate and figured working in the industry would give me an opportunity to learn these skills. Another primary reason is to help people make these purchases and sales with somebody they can enjoy and trust along the way. Those are the primary reasons I started and they continue to be the reasons I stay in. I love connecting with people and being that person they can rely on, trust, and have fun with along the way is incredibly rewarding.

What was your most rewarding real estate experience? Anytime I get to work with people searching for their first home I have a great time. It is exciting and an entirely new process which I get to explain and help along the way. I enjoy being that person to help folks take that first step while they feel confident and supported throughout.

What is your favorite thing about Whatcom County? I love Whatcom County for many of the reasons most do. We have a little bit of everything here. I love being outside and active. The mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and the ocean provide amazing spaces to get out and recreate.

What real estate trend do you love (or hate) right now? I love all the use of video and that is it not a profession reserved for stuffy folks in suits. Don't get me wrong those stuffy folks are good at selling real estate but it is a career you can make entirely your own from your marketing approach, client interactions, and your attitude toward it. I love the non-traditional real estate agents which I would happily categorize myself as.

What is your favorite hobby or guilty pleasure? I love being outside and active! I enjoy hopping on my bike, skateboarding around town, running, eating good food, traveling near or far, learning new things and meeting new people.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead, alive, fictional, etc.), who would it be?   My grandpa!