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Get to Know Kelsey Bedient CPA Manager, Audit & Attest Services

Kelsey originally hails from Colorado and earned her bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. While attending university, Kelsey worked part-time in the emergency room of a local area hospital.

Following her graduation, Kelsey spent five years with a large regional CPA firm in Colorado Springs. During her time there, Kelsey specialized in providing audit & assurance services to healthcare organizations, including nonprofit hospitals, continuing care retirement communities, and community health centers.

After growing up in Colorado, Kelsey struck out on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Ben, who is a native. In 2018, they adopted a puppy, Pico, from the local humane society, and they enjoy exploring the local trails together.

How long have you been in real estate? Since 2018

Why did you get into real estate? Always had a curiosity about the industry.

What was your most rewarding real estate experience? Helping one of my close friends buy a new home to support their growing family.

What is your favorite thing about Whatcom County? The beauty and the people. I love exploring the outdoors with my dog and trying new things. And the people have been welcoming and kind since the moment I moved here.

What real estate trend do you love (or hate) right now? The limited inventory and water restrictions on rural living is really challenging. People struggling to find the right property fit in a price range that is comfortable for them.

What is your favorite hobby or guilty pleasure? Trying new sports - I have been getting into road biking this spring and bought a paddleboard late last summer.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead, alive, fictional, etc.), who would it be? First person that comes to mind is Warren Buffett. I have read is biography, and I think a conversation with him would be incredibly enlightening.